LANDIA HOME LIGHTING  [FREELANCE WORK]  2001-2003:  Whilst working at Radica Games in Dallas, Texas I had the great opportunity to work with Landia - a manufacturer of lighting and home accessories for Target, Wal-Mart, Bed Bath and Beyond.  I did this for a bit over a year and a few projects/products did make it to the light of day.  That's a lamp pun.
From sketch to CAD to..production.  They got some of the design intent, the clear shield over the halogen lamp remained intact.
Some retail space concepts for Wal-Mart
Concepts for Target - I did these eight years ago, looking at them now makes me think they missed the boat!
Flip-Light concept for Target.  One way warm glow, the other ceiling spot light.  Why they did not take this one I will never know.
Back to school furniture concepts for Target.  Lots of cheap, easy to transport furniture designed for small spaces.
Pizza!  Concepts for one of Landia's vendors - not sure what ever happened with these - they were fun to draw!

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