RADICA GAMES / GAMESTER BRAND  2001-2003:  In the early 2000's I design game controllers and accessories for the XBOX and PS2 among others under the Gamester brand.  Gamester was part of Radica Games that is now part of Mattel.  We would strive to be different and design innovative products unique to the market.  We had to operate this way because the quality could never match that of Sony or Microsoft and we had to add value in different ways.  I have always had a passion for gaming - it was great to have the opportunity to work in the industry during such exciting times.
The original communication documents for explaining the 'analog tension stick' concept.  It's a patented technology that allows the user to adjust the stiffness of the analog joysticks on the fly,
A few concepts for the (at the time) unseen XBOX360.  Not the best, but at least they were on par with the 360's cleaner, svelter look.

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