TREK ADVENTURE LINE [TREK BICYCLES]  2014:  In 2013 I set our product development team on assignment to define what adventure by bike meant to them.  Each team was given a direction to head and they had to ride a minimum of four days self supported (more or less)  We came back and shared our experiences, and from that Trek's adventure line of bikes was born.
My original concept on the left.  Andrew Krautbauer did the design work to finish the production 920.
Engineer Keith von Huben riding a 920 test mule somewhere deep into South Dakota
Callum Fairhurst rode this very Trek 920 around the world.  18,000 miles in honor of his brother. 
I continued to experiment with the concept of adventure - specifically off road.  I took our Stache platform and modified it to represent a pack mule designed for adventure in the outback.  This bike eventually became the 1120 Adventure bike.

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